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Milan to Zurich - Route Summary


If you are visiting Italy but missing out on Switzerland, you better have a good excuse for it. Situated close to the fashion capital of the country, Milan sightseeing might come as a surprise as you can reach Milan to Zurich by road. The journey to Milan and subsequently Zurich brings forth the best of both worlds. While Milan is the fashion hub of the world, Zurich is one of the best financial locations. The two cities are brilliant, offering only the best. Being mildly luxurious places, they introduce a plethora of lovely experiences into the professionally rising world too. 

The gorgeous city of Milan has impeccable destinations and experiences to offer apart from the fashion world. The lovely old memorials, magnificent monuments and a constantly growing economy make it stand out. Art, culture and heritage are prominent aspects of this beautiful city adding to its charm. Shopping places around the area are spectacular and have the latest trends and their impressions in high numbers. Zurich on the other hand is known to be a perfect culmination of growth and preserving history. 

The lovely old town of Zurich is a sight to behold. A perfectly preserved location, the Altstadt gives insights into the expansion of the city as it is today. Adding to this spectacular view are the natural surroundings with captivating parks and beautiful sights. The road journey between Milan and Zurich is as attractive as the two places. Connecting two brilliant areas, the road is impressive. Offering gorgeous views, it is a memorable trip to take. While the places themselves have a lot to offer, the journey is much more. 

All along the perfect road, the surroundings keep growing attractive. The journey introduces the actual location’s charm in a beautiful way. The two best cities in the world are connected by other means too such as public transportation. Despite being close, it is not entirely comfortable. Choosing private transportation offers a comfortable trip. Driving around, one can also stop frequently to get a couple of pictures of the admirable area. 


For all those people who vividly enjoy singing while soaking in the scenic beauty of the road, the cool wind that gets absorbed into your skin and the never-ending beautiful moment with your loved ones is too precious to be shared with others. It might come as a shock that the taxi fare from Milan to Zurich can now be afforded by every sort of traveller out there. Rydeu provides the best Milan to Zurich taxi service without going gaga over your budget.

Distance from Zurich to Milan- 280.5 kms 

Journey Duration- 3 hr 20 min


milan cathedral
Known for its fashion and market, Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region of Italy. From the quaint Duomo di Milano cathedral and Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent to featuring some of the top-notch restaurants in the country, this place has been a business hub for people all around the globe. Milan has gained popularity over time with Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” which has set an exemplary example of the culture coated with a layer of art.
Where Rome is known to be the political capital of the country, Milano has always focussed more on becoming the moral capital to impart the rich history and knowledge that it embraces. Milan is a perfect blend of ancient values with contemporary art and remains one of the most important cities to visit in Italy. 


Treat yourself with an exorbitant holiday and traverse the beautiful streets of one of the most extravagant cities in the world, that is, Zurich. The place is situated at the end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland, surrounded by a range of wooden ranges in its east and west. Covering an area of about 91.88 km2 it is the largest city in Switzerland. The city is truly the perfect blend of heritage and urbanization. From an array of gothic museums with contemporary touches to artsy galleries, this place is a paradise for the eyes. Zurich creates the perfect equilibrium of beauty and leisure. Being the financial capital of the country, it is known for its sumptuous lifestyle. You will find a range of high-end shops, niche cafes, fine dining and rich Swiss chocolates in almost every nook of the city. 








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